Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get to know me

An Introduction ; Get To Know Me

 Hello everyone, before starting blogging about.. Fashion and make up, and food also Talking about Life besides sharing stories with you that I hope it'll help you; and Just discussing things, I'd like to introduce myself;so let's get to it;

My name's "Rigel" , let me tell you why; Rigel is a name of one of the brightest stars, and my "real" name means a shining star so convenient!

If you'd like to know, I'm an 18 years girl, I was born the 10th of January 1998 in Algeria.I really enjoy watching movies and series , I also enjoy reading books which I hope we can discuss our favorite books a day.

Now,  I'm going to share with you how I started to be into fashion and Mak up; I'm the "little girl" in my family as they call me; I have an eldest sister , I grow up watching her knowing herself and discovering makeup and clothes ,styling herself, my mom teached her couple of things, I was never that lucky; I was always the "little girl" and everytime I tried I got " you are still too young", I never had my own style when I was young because whenever we went shopping my sister picked some stuff for me and because I didn't know anything about fashion's world; brands or makeup I agreed to that; but then growing up made me want to know more about this "beauty world", so about age 16 years old I started reading about MakeUp , watching videos, discovering fashion brands, searching about it, and trying on myself and I still do.

But I hope I get to share my knowledge with you guys and help you out in every aspect I can, in DIY, tips, advice or just be a friend to you.

That's about it I hope I wasn't too boring telling you few things about me. I'll share my link to twitter acount, Instagram ; I hope we can make this work, togather , Please help me out to start. Xoxo 

TWITTER ACCOUNT @secretly_star
INSTAGRAM  @secretly_beautymiss , Stars Community!

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